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Autumn maple tree leaves with overlaying black serif type and Branon Maple To Go pouches

New Maple To Go!™ Makes Maple Mobile

Branon Family Maple Orchards Packages Sweetness for Travel and Active Lifestyles.

FAIRFIELD, VT – Branon Family Maple Orchards unveils Maple to Go!™ – a revolutionary new packaging system that finally allows maple lovers to bring pure Vermont Maple Syrup along with them wherever and whenever they travel.

Maple to Go !™ is a 3.4-ounce (100ml) food-grade pouch with a re-closable, no-mess twist cap that allows for multiple usage. Inside the TSA-compliant pouch is pure USDA-certified organic Grade A amber/rich Vermont Maple Syrup.

The perfect addition to active, healthy lifestyles, Maple to Go !™ is a great choice while hiking, camping, commuting, biking, traveling or for use in small kitchens.

Acting on feedback from their customers, Branon Family Maple Orchards began searching more than three years ago for a hassle-free, travel-sized container. “We had people tell us they wanted to bring our maple syrup with them whenever they went someplace, but they couldn’t justify lugging a pint jug a round,” said Cecile Branon, co-owner of Branon Family Maple Orchards.

Branon discovered the 3.4-ounce packages and spent months testing and retesting the pouches’ effectiveness. The results, said Branon, were overwhelmingly promising. “We’ve consistently proven that these pouches retain the flavor as well as the color or maple syrup better than, or equal to, traditional maple syrup containers.”

Maple to Go !™ gives maple lovers a convenient option for bringing Vermont Maple Syrup into restaurants that serve only processed, imitation syrup. Coffee drinkers who need a shot of maple syrup in their java can easily carry a pouch or two in their vehicles. Backpackers, hikers, bikers, campers, and those living the van life now have a lightweight, packable option for bringing maple syrup along on their adventures.

“From remote mountaintops to small city apartments, we’re curious to see where our customers bring Maple to Go !™,” said Branon.

Order Maple to Go!™ as single 3.4-ounce packages at $5.99 or in a 4-pack at $19.95.

Wholesale inquiries should be directed to Cecile Branon at 802-827-3914 or via email.

About Branon Family Maple Orchards

With headquarters in Fairfield, VT, Branon Family Maple Orchards is a multi-generational agricultural family-owned business specializing in Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and maple products. Powered by renewable solar and made in an Audubon approved bird-friendly habitat, Branon Family Maple Orchards produces single-sourced organic maple syrup. They also carry a variety of maple sauces, rubs, jellies, and other maple specialty products in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner. For more information visit

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