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“It was by chance that we came upon Branon Family Maple Orchards on the Internet when our past supplier could not be reached. I was impressed that they offered exactly what we wanted: a gallon size of Delicate (what used to be called Fancy) maple syrup. So we placed an order immediately, and the syrup came very quickly through the mail – less than a week. Ordering was very easily done. As soon as the box arrived, we opened it and found the syrup to be perfect, just as expected and described.”

“One of my favorite maple syrup products at Branon Family Maple Orchards is the maple buffalo sauce. With the perfect balance of spicy and sweet, my family loves using it to make buffalo nachos by baking layers of blue corn tortilla chips, chunks of chicken breast, and shredded cheese for about 10 minutes at 400˚ F. As soon as the pan comes out of the oven, we sprinkle blue cheese crumbles, diced celery, thinly sliced green onions, and cilantro over the top and then drizzle maple buffalo sauce and ranch dressing over the entire dish.”

“When I had a Bed and Breakfast, I began purchasing and serving Branon Family syrup and now I’ve been using it for 15 years. We love it!”

“A single pouch of Maple to Go! is a no fuss, no muss choice for hiking, camping, commuting, biking, traveling or for use in small kitchens. No need to worry about syrup leaking once it has been opened, covering everything inside your backpack or car with sticky sweetness. Just replace the lid and close it tightly and you’re good to go. If there’s even any left!”

“Maple to Go! makes taking syrup into the backcountry easier than ever. Maple to Go! is a 3.4-ounce food-grade pouch with a re-closable, no-mess twist cap that allows for multiple usages. We took Maple to Go! on a backpacking trip with friends and it worked great and everyone loved it. It is also in a TSA-compliant pouch if you are traveling by plane to get to your destination. But you can use this while hiking and biking if you just love maple syrup by itself.”

“I just want to express my feelings to the Branon’s for their terrific Maple syrup and great service. Whenever I visit them to purchase syrup they greet you with a big smile or whenever I order it online they have appreciative kind words. Can’t find better service or better syrup anywhere else!!”

“Ordered products from Branon Family Maple Orchards and they arrived promptly. They were packaged well so the jelly jar was well protected. I also got the sugar crumbles — I am a maple fanatic and I love eating it right from the bag with a spoon. I would highly recommend shopping at Branon. Products are delish and they ship quickly. Glad I found them doing an internet search.”

“I love pure maple syrup, and I ordered from Branon Orchards a few years ago a half gallon of rich amber syrup. It’s so delicious! It’s a richer version of syrup, which I use a lot on baked yams and fruits, and pancakes. I’ve been buying this syrup for many years..about once a month, I love it that much. The shipping is reasonable, as well as the price of syrup. The service is excellent, with very nice people. I highly recommend Branon with their excellent products. Thank you very much… a loyal customer!”

“At this time of year, we like to show our gratitude. Branon Family Maple Orchards have provided us with multiple amazing gift boxes for our overseas vendors and have gone over and above to work with us to get these thank you gifts out internationally. I cannot express enough, how easy it was to work with them and the quality of their service as well as their awesome product. Fantastic job Branon family Maple Orchards – you rock!! Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all, from one very happy and satisfied customer.”

“I’m a picky guy and I do my due diligence before buying anything! I searched for a very long time online before settling on Branon Family Maple Orchards as my source for pure and organic maple syrup. That was at least 8 years ago and I have ordered some every year since; also, I have had several friends place orders too when they asked about the syrup I was using.

I highly recommend this maple syrup. I believe the Branon Family truly cares about their product line, and YES, I also believe handling the syrup organically at every step of the process DOES make a difference (people often say: “Wait, isn’t maple syrup already organic?” Well, yes and no, but primary the answer is “No!” There are many great articles online about the differences…).

I also wish to note the responsive and personal customer service that I have come to appreciate from this group of folks AND the price of the products which they have been able to keep low and very competitive (especially for “organic”) — all of this adds up to me being a loyal customer for life.”

“Today’s travels: Kathy Casteel and I left the cabin this morning, headed to Stowe Vt. As anyone who knows me knows; I always take the road less traveled in search of adventure! So we are driving down a country road and come upon a sign that said “Brandon Family Maple Orchards” and had an arrow pointing at a road that said “Private Road No Outlet.” I told Kathy go up the road! Lol So off we go! As you will see in the following pics We Hit The Jackpot! And not only that, but the Branon Family invites us back next spring for a private tour of the whole operation! They “tap” 90,000 trees every year! And the Maple Store as you can see in the pics operates on an “Honor” system this time of the year! You just pick what you want off of the shelves and leave your money in the jar on the counter. We asked Mr. Branon if anyone ever stole the money, and he said “Well we just figure if they steal the money they need it worse than we do.” Awesome beyond belief! Good people!”

“I just received a gift basket that I purchased and it is so beautiful and such good value. Professionally done… thank you so much! Highly recommended for anyone looking to purchase the perfect gift…”

“The maple syrup is the best, and the maple barbecue sauce is awesome! Plus, they ship anywhere, and now that I’ve moved from Burlington it’s great to be able to get the best taste of Vermont in Chicago!”

“A huge thank you to Cecile and the Branon Family Maple Orchards! We got married on September 15th and gave out 125 amazing bottles of syrup to our guests! We personalized them with our own label after they were shipped all the way from VT to CT! Many guests remarked as they were leaving that they couldn’t wait to have pancakes for breakfast!! We never met Cecile but after many many emails and phone calls we felt like she was right here with us planning our special day! Thank you again a million times!!”

“The place is amazing the people are friendly and the maple donut, popcorn, bbq sauce, and candy is so good. Enjoyed the whole experience.”

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