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Photo of person hiking with a Maple To Go pouch in their backpack

The Backstory of Maple to Go!

It’s incredible how time flies by, and it’s hard to believe that 2020 is already a thing of the past. Each of us has our memories of that historic year, and for many, it was marked by anxiety and uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Despite the challenges we faced we were able to launch Maple to Go! during that tumultuous time.

Maple to Go! is a game-changer in the world of maple syrup. It comes in a food-grade pouch that is resealable, with enough maple syrup for multiple servings. It’s also TSA-compliant. We should note that this innovative product wasn’t created because of the pandemic. Rather, Cecile Branon had been working on the project for several years before the chaos of 2020 began, and the timing just happened to coincide with the pandemic.

Acting on feedback from customers, Cecile began searching sometime in 2017 for a hassle-free, travel-sized container. “We had people tell us they wanted to bring our maple syrup with them whenever they went someplace, but they couldn’t justify lugging a pint jug around,” she said.

Cecile discovered 3.4-ounce packages (super popular as baby food containers) and spent months testing and retesting the effectiveness of the pouches. The results, said Branon, were overwhelmingly promising. “We’ve consistently proven that these pouches retain the flavor as well as the color of maple syrup better than, or equal to, traditional maple syrup containers,” Cecile said.

Other Vermont maple producers package their syrup in single-serving pouches, but for many folks, those single-serve packages just don’t contain enough syrup.

“We have so many customers that want to have real Vermont maple syrup on hand when they are on the road,” Cecile said. “Think about the complimentary breakfast at a hotel. It’s great to have waffles, pancakes, sausage, and bacon right there in the morning, but then having to pour on that fake maple-tasting corn syrup is such a bummer. There’s an easy way around that. Bring Maple to Go!”

Completely by happenstance, the pandemic led to a surge in people spending time outdoors, and Maple to Go! made it easy for people to enjoy pure Vermont maple syrup while on the move. The lightweight packaging makes it perfect for hiking, camping, commuting, and biking.

It’s found favor among van lifers and snowbirds, too.

“I know several people who travel in their conversion vans and campers who swear by Maple to Go!,” Cecile said. “When every inch of space and ounce of weight matters, it’s so much more convenient than a gallon or half-gallon of maple syrup.”

Since its inception, the product has been well-received by customers. One reviewer said, “I love that I can take my Vermont maple syrup with me wherever I go. Maple to Go! is the perfect size for a quick snack or to add to my morning coffee.”

Another reviewer said, “Maple to Go! is a great way to enjoy Vermont maple syrup without having to worry about spills or messes. The resealable pouch is also very convenient.”

Now available on Amazon, Maple to Go! has gotten rave reviews there, too.

“This is the perfect way to enjoy Vermont maple syrup on the go. The small size is perfect for a quick snack, and the resealable pouch makes it easy to take with you wherever you go,” said an Amazon customer.

About Branon Family Maple Orchards

With headquarters in Fairfield, VT, Branon Family Maple Orchards is a multi-generational agricultural family-owned business specializing in Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and maple products. Powered by renewable solar and made in an Audubon approved bird-friendly habitat, Branon Family Maple Orchards produces single-sourced organic maple syrup. They also carry a variety of maple sauces, rubs, jellies, and other maple specialty products in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner. For more information visit

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