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Photo of Maple Specialty Gift Set

Giving Back With Gift Baskets

Henry Rackliff knows how far a personal touch goes in the business world.

The mortgage broker is constantly on the phone, trying to get clients the financing they need to buy homes in what’s been a hectic few years in a challenging real estate market.

“I’m pretty much always working something, but it’s a team effort,” said Rackliff. “I’ve got real estate agents who will send me leads, I’ve got loan processors who are trying to help me secure the right mortgage for home buyers. I’ve got attorneys who know how to neatly get the deal completed. The last few years have required everybody to pull together to get an offer in, accepted, and a home sale closed.”

When not lining up mortgages, Rackliff spends some of his free time in the kitchen (his Venison Wellington is out of this world). It was there that he found a creative way to say thanks to those people who helped him build his book of business.

A friend of Rackcliff’s gave him a bottle of Branon’s Maple Buffalo Sauce one day. He used it in a Buffalo Chicken Dip and instantly became a fan. As he began exploring the other options available from Branon Family Maple Orchards he hit on an idea.

“I saw these gift baskets that had cool collections of sauces and rubs, including that Buffalo Maple Sauce I like so much,” said Rackliff. “That’s when it hit me that I should share that with the people that have helped my business.”

Over the past few years, Rackliff has had Branon Family Orchards send out gift baskets to some of the people who support his work. They’ve gotten baskets filled with organic maple syrup, zesty grilling sauce, spices, and Maple Buffalo Sauce.

“I work with a number of people scattered around the country and they know that Vermont has the best maple syrup there is,” Rackliff said. “But what blows them away is how the Branons use that maple to make other sauces and rubs. Every time I send a Branon gift basket, people can’t wait to tell me how delicious it was.”

Rackliff plans to send out Branon Family Maple Orchard gift baskets again this year, even as the real estate market has slowed in recent months.

“People are looking forward to those gift baskets now,” he said with a laugh. “I’ve got to keep spreading around the magic of maple now.”

About Branon Family Maple Orchards

With headquarters in Fairfield, VT, Branon Family Maple Orchards is a multi-generational agricultural family-owned business specializing in Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and maple products. Powered by renewable solar and made in an Audubon approved bird-friendly habitat, Branon Family Maple Orchards produces single-sourced organic maple syrup. They also carry a variety of maple sauces, rubs, jellies, and other maple specialty products in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner. For more information visit

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