The Branon Family

Our family is proud to say that we are a 7th generation Vermont Maple Producer and Agricultural based family. Tom & I purchased the Dairy farm/Maple Sugaring operation from Tom's parent's in 1984 and have continued to expand and diversify the Maple Sugaring business. The cows have gone but the land and crops are still worked and follow the Vermont Organic standards. As we continue to expand the operation and become better stewards of the land we always meet challenges but manage to stay strong and offer quality products and great customer service. We deliver the same service that we expect as consumers.

Our family grew since the last update. Declan Thomas was born to our oldest son Kyle and his wife Loni in February of 2013. He is enjoying being around the sugar house and loves maple syrup! Kyle & Loni also have another new edition to the family Kassidy Joanne was born August 26, 2014. We look forward to a new generation growing up on the farm.

All of the hard work during the year comes down to a few months in the spring when we actually produce the "liquid Gold" as Maple syrup is referred to. We have a great group of people that help us, family and friends as we continue to grow and get better at what we do. There is always plenty to work on in the woods year round as Mother Nature can throw us a curve ball with winds and weather anytime. Team work is what it takes and we are proud to have a great team. Many days you really understand how much hard work goes into making that gallon of syrup! It is hard work but very rewarding. Quality - Pure Vermont Maple Syrup! As Tom says "it don't get better then this".

2013 brought us many changes in our operation! It all started June 1st by adding 18 solar tracker panels to the land to produce electricity on the grid to run the operation. "Tapping the sun" as we call it, is in full tilt and working very well.

The end of July 2013 we decided that we were going to build a new sugarhouse! The first stick of lumber was laid on the concrete on September 1st and a new building went up thanks to great friends, family and a community that helped us put up the rafters and roof. It is absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed having room to work as we had outgrown the last one. It is not completely finished for all the aspects of the building, but as far as where we work for making the syrup, it is completed. It was a stretch 10000+ square feet but we made it.

The building is home to a 6x16 oil fired evaporator -Lapierre Turbo 3 with an advanced piggy back, in other words it is like a jet plane taking off!:) and can make a lot of syrup with the support of the 3 Reverse Osmosis 8 membrane (RO's) machines to concentrate the sap to higher sugar content here at the main sugarhouse so we conserving as much energy as we can, finding ways to continue to reduce our energy blueprint.

We have been members with the Vermont Land Trust since 1997 in which we conserved our land in Fairfield. In 2003 we received Organic Certification with the Vermont Organic Farmers, since then we added Maple Cream and Maple Sugar to the organic line of products. All the products we sell are made here by us.

Sugaring is a great time to meet people stopping in to say hello for the first time or for their annual visit. It is always welcoming to meet new friends and folks that enjoy “Maple Time in Vermont”, when you stop in and taste that warm syrup coming off the evaporator. Come and join us for Maple Open House Weekend where you can experience a tour of a sugar house in operation or The Vermont Maple Festival when we celebrate the end of the season and Vermont's first Agriculture crop of the year and Signature product. They are both great ways to learn more about Vermont Maple syrup. We are proud of the Heritage we have grown up in and the work ethic that come with it. Vermont's Green Mountains offer us such a beautiful clean place to live, they have a welcoming spirit to anyone that visits. We welcome you to visit us at our sugarhouse and join our Maple Family!